10 Your personal data outside Europe

Your personal data is processed outside Europe too. Additional rules apply in that case. This is because not all countries have the same strict privacy rules as we do in Europe.

Sharing personal data within the ABN AMRO Group

We may share your personal data outside Europe within our group. Our sharing of personal data is governed by our global internal policy, the Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs). These have been approved by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (Dutch DPA).

Sharing personal data with other service providers

We may occasionally share your personal data with other companies or organisations outside Europe, for instance in the context of an outsourcing agreement. In that case, we ensure that we have concluded separate agreements with those parties, and that these agreements comply with the European standard, such as the EU's model clauses. 

International payment transactions and cross-border investing

There are situations in which you make use of our international financial services, for instance if you transfer money abroad or if you hold investments abroad through us. In such situations, foreign parties, such as local supervisory authorities, banks, government bodies and investigative authorities, may ask us for your personal data, for instance so that they can carry out an investigation. Additional rules governing the use of personal data apply if you purchase investment products from us. For details, see the provisions of Article 11.3 of the Investment Conditions.