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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have evolved over the past few years, going from internal integration tools to digital building blocks that connect organisations. Developers can use them to create valuable client experiences, innovations and new business models. Again and again, companies such as Apple, Spotify and Dutch railway operator NS show that providing strategically selected services to third parties can add a great deal of client value – for example, Google Maps uses the NS API to show departures in real time.

Our goal here at ABN AMRO is to give our clients control of their finances and put them in a position to make the best decision for their particular situation, focusing on products and services that are simple, fast and personalised. Koen Adolfs Product Owner Open Banking

ABN AMRO sees APIs as a way to make a huge contribution to creating secure, social and ground-breaking digital ecosystems. We believe that working more closely with third parties will offer opportunities to accelerate innovation and further improve our services to our clients. That is why we have decided to launch our 'Developer Portal' and APIs. 

We subjected our API platform to extensive testing during the Beyond Banking Days, a 48-hour hackathon with developers from the bank, partners and fintechs/startups. Development has continued during the months since. The market introduction heralds a new phase in our exploration of the future of banking.

Consider some of the amazing possibilities. You can share Tikkie payment requests through your company’s own applications using SMS, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Your accounting software can include a feature to send bulk payment orders directly to your bank, simply by clicking on one button. Our APIs give you the tools to get started right now – and we are only just getting started.

Our goal: to join forces and create innovations for our clients

ABN AMRO’s goal is to give clients control of their finances and put them in a position to make the best decisions in their particular situation, by developing products and services that are simple, fast and personalised. Besides pursuing its own innovations, the bank will accelerate the process by working with creative external developers and business owners to explore the future of banking.

With our APIs, you can use our services for your ideas, ground-breaking business models and exciting applications. Our APIs offer the following advantages:

  • Get started right away: Visit our Developer Portal to find out what our APIs do, how they work and what you need to do to interface with them. Use our sandboxes and get building now. Our APIs need just a few lines of code to run in your applications. 
  • Clear overview: You always know what is happening. Use our API analytics to track your users’ activity in your applications and adjust your tactics if necessary.
  • Be creative: We do not stop at PSD2 compliance. We are giving you the opportunity to use exclusive APIs to help shape the future of banking.

Great! What APIs do we currently offer?

To start, we are providing a number of APIs for commercial clients and basic functionalities. We will add more and more as time goes by. The solutions that our bank provides are secure, and clients who use the building blocks can control whether they wish to share their data and with whom. 

We have the following APIs for commercial clients: 

  • Tikkie: Generate simple payment requests that you can share via SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other channel. Use the API to do this from your own application. It is compatible with all banks and the payments are credited to your bank account immediately. 
  • Corporate Accounts: Retrieve transaction details and real-time balance sheet data for commercial ABN AMRO clients, to present valuable information and simplify reconciliation. 
  • Corporate Payments: Carry out secure money transfers that have been approved by an ABN AMRO commercial client, to create new payment experiences and help your business to grow. 
  • Batch Payments: Save time and never miss a payment date by initiating multiple payment orders at once for a commercial ABN AMRO client. The client approves the payments in a matter of minutes through the client’s bank channel. 

In short, we believe that APIs offer countless possibilities, and will provide you with everything you need to help us innovate effectively and productively. You can get started right away, using our sandboxes (for everyone) and closed betas (for partners). Our APIs are the fuel for your ideas, and together we will explore the future of banking. What do you want to build? What feedback do you have for us? Let’s innovate finance!

Click here to visit ABN AMRO’s Developer Portal.


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