Pineapple attacks have not occurred

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Saturday 24 May, Dutch TV programme "Kassa" and website reported on a fictional attack on internet banking by a so-called Pineapple attack.

However, no successful Pineapple attacks on internet banking have been reported anywhere to date. ABN AMRO has taken measures to prevent this type of fraud, no matter how hypothetical it may be. For example, the bank installed HSTS, a measure specifically aimed at Pineapple attacks.

Pineapple attacks

A Pineapple attack means a mobile WiFi router is reprogrammed to enable interception of internet traffic between any website and a user’s browser. Next, the user is re-routed to a fake page that is used for fraudulent purposes. This type of attack could affect all types of sites, not just internet banking provided by banks.

What is ABN AMRO doing to keep online banking safe?

ABN AMRO is continually investing in new measures to ensure safe banking and prevent fraud. Examples include monitoring transactions to recognise and prevent suspicious ones and adding the safety lock to the internet banking website.

What can customers do?

ABN AMRO continually informs customers about safe banking. Tips about safe banking for customers are available at: Customers are advised to do their internet banking through a safe Wi-Fi router and to always make sure the safety lock is visible on their screen.


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