ABN AMRO offers two dozen talents a stage at Uitmarkt

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Youth enjoying music on stage

In cooperation with its cultural partners, ABN AMRO will be providing 23 talented young men and women with a metaphorical and physical stage at the upcoming 39th edition of Uitmarkt, the kick-off of the Dutch cultural season. In preparation for the event, which will take place in August, these talents are being mentored by professionals from the Nederlands Dans Theater, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Karin Bloemen, Lucas & Arthur Jussen, and Exposize for the design talents. The objective is to contribute to talent development.

Springplank, as the talent programme has been dubbed, provides young artistic talent with the opportunity to hone their gift under the guidance of experts in their respective fields. The 23 men and women are coached in various workshops and rehearsals so they can perform at their very best during the Uitmarkt festivities on the afternoon of Sunday 28 August 2016. Together, the group of talents cover an array of art forms ranging from graphic design to singing. In addition to coaching in their specific skill areas, the mentors will address other success factors with the talents to identify ways in which they can help the talents as well as their support base.

The enthusiastic coaches are looking forward to working with tomorrow's talents. Lucas & Arthur Jussen will embrace a coaching role for talent Evander Eijsink (7). Evander has been playing classical piano for over three years now. Lucas and Arthur Jussen: “Young talent is the future of our society. Although many talents have a knack for navigating their own way to the top, it can be vital to receive a helping hand at the right moment. We have been fortunate enough to receive encouragement from good people across the board, and now we are privileged with the opportunity to pass it on, to give young talent some support ourselves.”

ABN AMRO Head of Sponsoring & Events Ernst Boekhorst: 'The guiding principle behind our sponsorship theme 'Partner of the Future' is that ABN AMRO wants to contribute to talent development. With its cultural partners, ABN AMRO has taken the initiative to launch this programme, and it is extremely gratifying to see how committed our partners and ambassadors are to helping these talents develop and achieve their dreams.'

For more information, see abnamro.com/springplank


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