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Partnership joint ATM network

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ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank and Geldservice Nederland (GSN) recently signed an agreement to team up to optimise the network of ATMs in the Netherlands. On 31 May this year, the banks and GSN announced that they were discussing ways of keeping cash money readily available at a time when cash is being used less and less. In the period ahead, they will be carefully mapping out the best distribution of ATMs in the future. The partners plan to start migrating the ATM network in the third quarter of 2018 and aim to complete the project by the end of 2020.

The agreement was reached in close cooperation with the Dutch central bank DNB, drawing on similar successful initiatives in Sweden and Switzerland.

Keeping cash safe, accessible, available and affordable

GSN has processed and distributed cash for its shareholders – ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank – since 2011. The participating banks plan to transfer management and operation of all ATMs in the Netherlands to GSN. This set-up will optimise the network of ATMs in the country and will ensure that cash is safe, accessible, available and affordable in the long term.

In the coming months, the banks and GSN will jointly design the new joint ATM network. The following aspects will be addressed:

  • The best possible distribution The partners will work towards a smarter distribution of ATMs in the Netherlands, bearing in mind that the current national coverage of 99.76% should be maintained or even increased. The best possible distribution will be achieved based on all relevant factors and in close consultation with several civil society partners, experts and local stakeholders.
  • Increased safety The idea is that the partnership will result in safer ATMs as well as increased safety and security in the immediate vicinity of the machines.
  • Improved services and convenience The partners are also looking to improve services and provide more convenience. In the new set-up customers can use the ATM of their choice, regardless of which bank services the ATM. This means customers will not have cash withdrawal limits when withdrawing money from an ATM not serviced by their own bank, and will have access to their bank balance information. And shopkeepers and businesses will be able to deposit money at the nearest machine rather than only at their own bank’s machines.

For the time being, the banks’ ATM services will remain unchanged. During this project, the partners in this initiative will be in constant dialogue with all stakeholders in the payments industry.


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