4.4 billion euros – that’s how much we waste

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In the Netherlands, we chuck away 4.4 billion euros worth of food every year. Forty-seven per cent is lost in the supply chain between farmers and supermarkets or restaurants. His battle against food waste sees Rudolf Brand buy some of it and turn it into delicious meals.

When he first started as a Circl chef, he was shocked by the amount of food we waste in the Netherlands: “We’re not talking one pallet here, this is hectares of harvest every day. That’s why I’m doing as much as I can to buy food that supermarkets or farmers are about to get rid of.” 

ABN AMRO is looking to team up with players across the entire food supply chain to cut food waste by 50% by 2030. Rudolf and his team are inspiring all customers at the Circl restaurant in Amsterdam’s financial district to do their bit. 

Leaving aside farmers, transport, supermarkets and restaurants, we waste most of our food in the home. On average, consumers bin over a full month’s worth of food every year! The video shows Rudolf telling us how to change this.

We want our society to become more and more sustainable. That's why we're developing sustainable solutions. And we're partners in 'Iedereen doet wat’ (in Dutch only), an initiative of the Dutch government that encourages joint action aimed at making the Netherlands more sustainable. Interested in taking part?

Want to find out how ABN AMRO combats food waste and what you can do at home? Watch our 60-second video on food waste below.

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