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Do you ever buy dirt-cheap clothes? More often than not, this has been made possible by exploitation and environmental pollution. Selma van der Graaf (ABN AMRO) checked out the true cost of honest clothes and gives us tips on how to dress sustainably.

Clothes that cost no more than a few euros – it’s too good to be true. Why? Because people working in factories in countries such as Bangladesh typically earn wages that are not enough to live on. Another harsh reality is that the toxic chemicals used – especially during the dyeing process – are dumped into the environment. But there are more hidden costs that damage people and planet. Sadly, this problem is not limited to the fashion industry. 

ABN AMRO wants to give consumers a better insight into the true price of the products they buy. That’s why Selma and her colleagues have teamed up with the Impact Institute to produce a report about the true price of jeans. And what did they find? The price of jeans is generally 33 euros too cheap.

Selma tells you more in this video, in which she also gives you several tips on how to dress sustainably.

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ABN AMRO only finances companies that are looking to make their supply chains more sustainable in an effort to fight climate change and social inequality. Want to know more about what the bank is doing to encourage true pricing and what you can do?

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Click here  for the full report about the true price of jeans (in Dutch only)

We regularly organise workshops and events in Circl, for example about true price, or other topics related to financing a sustainable and circular economy. If you’d like to take part, check out the calendar here.


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