How sustainable are you when there’s a big sale?

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The holidays are just around the corner, traditionally a time when we consume more. Can you resist the temptation of the holiday sales? More and more people are aware of the impact of their buying behaviour and are willing to become conscious consumers.

This is the conclusion of the fourth-quarter issue of ABN AMRO’s Sustainability Monitor. Buying for the sake of it? The Dutch are aware that this is wasteful behaviour. We think twice about what we buy, even when we find a bargain. People understand that low prices come at the expense of the wages and working conditions of others.

A sustainable holiday?

Over the holiday season, more than 50% of Dutch people try to consume more consciously. Need inspiration? The top three resolutions are: don’t buy any new holiday clothes, produce less plastic waste, and eat less meat for your holiday dinner.

Producing and consuming more consciously to accelerate the sustainability shift

Many Dutch people like the idea of conscious consumerism. And our bank is happy about that. We pursue a sustainability strategy so that we can accelerate the sustainability shift.

One way we’re doing this is by financing sustainable and circular businesses. And our bank is committed to its supply chain responsibility. When we lend money to a company, we check whether they take human rights seriously. With our approach, we help our clients improve their human rights performance – but if they fail to improve, we stop doing business with them.

Consumers influence producers in the manufacturing industry. Buying more sustainably manufactured products, renting, lending, sharing, repairing and buying second-hand products instead of new ones help make the economy more sustainable.

The Dutch aren’t averse to this at all, our survey finds. Fifty per cent of respondents are open to buying second-hand products. And the majority try to repair their broken things before buying new ones.

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