Human rights: how a bank can combat exploitation

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There’s something fishy about many products in our shops because human rights are violated during production. A non-living wage and child labour are but two examples. We want to help combat such practices by carefully selecting the parties we do business with and by helping companies improve.

Dutch legislation is strict when it comes to human rights, but this isn’t always the case the world over. And so, also in the Netherlands, we come across products every day where human rights have been violated during production – in a fashion boutique, for example, or in a supermarket.

Want to know what ABN AMRO is doing to prevent human rights from being violated? And what you can do yourself? Check out the video now.

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ABN AMRO wants to combat the violation of human rights. When deciding whether to extend a loan to a company, we first check whether they take human rights seriously. We want to help our clients improve in this respect, but if we see no improvement, we end our relationship with them.

In 2016, we were the first financial services provider in the world to publish a human rights report based on the United Nations’ new Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We now report on human rights once every two years.

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