Telling it like it is: why we choose to finance palm oil companies

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So why does the bank still finance palm oil companies? It’s a question we hear all the time. From today, we’ll be engaging proactively by taking it to social media to explain how we see this.

'Accelerating the sustainability shift' also means we will tell it like it is in our communications. Half of all supermarket products contain palm oil. It’s not easy to do without it. And alternatives require much more agricultural land – which doesn’t exist. And so, we choose to keep our palm oil clients close and help them go sustainable. How? Watch the video.

We want to show our colleagues, clients and society at large why we can achieve more by working closely with our clients, businesses or otherwise. If you’d like to know more about sustainability challenges and what that’s got to do with you, check out our new webpage where we’ve tried to explain things in plain English. More topics will follow soon.


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