The circular economy: What we’re doing and what you can do yourself

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A world without waste in which we use and re-use stuff and resources as long as we can – it’s the key to a sustainable future. And it calls for a dramatically different approach by manufacturers and consumers, and a change in the way banks look at finance requests.

In our current linear economy, we tap into resources, turn them into things and throw them away when they’re no longer wanted or have broken down. In a circular economy, by contrast, things aren’t thrown away but their constituent materials are re-used or repurposed, as a resource for new stuff, for instance. That makes for a lot less junk. And a lot less in the way of carbon emissions, as it requires a great deal of energy to extract new raw materials.

Want to know how ABN AMRO is looking to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and what you can do?

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ABN AMRO wants to accelerate the transition by providing support to circular entrepreneurs. That is to say, we want to finance 1 billion euros in circular assets for at least 100 clients by 2020.

In addition, we are pioneering circular building and purchasing with our new GREENE circular office concept – and of course with Circl, our circular meeting place in Amsterdam’s financial district. We use recycled materials as much as we can and also want to make sure that items can be re-used if a location ever closes down. In fact, our head offices already use more circular furniture than you might suspect: from tables and chairs, to cushions, acoustic wall panels and more.

Want to know what all of this looks like in real life? Why not drop by on a Wednesday for a guided tour of Circl? Or you can visit events focusing on other topics related to financing a sustainable and circular economy. For more information, click here.

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