All branches and offices smoke-free

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All our bank branches and offices are now smoke-free, and external smoking areas have been removed or closed.

Smoking outside our buildings is only permitted at a minimum of 7.5 metres from the outside wall or premises. Besides promoting a healthy workplace, we want children to grow up in a smoke-free environment.

Since 2 January, smoke-free posters with a white check mark have been placed on the doors or windows of every ABN AMRO branch and office, showing clients and visitors that the bank is smoke-free.

Dutch Alliance for a Smoke-free Society

ABN AMRO is affiliated with the Dutch Alliance for a Smoke-free Society (Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij). This broad social movement is making an increasingly large impact on Dutch society. Smoke-free will become the norm in the coming years: indoor smoking areas in catering establishments must now be closed, and smoking areas in public buildings, such as hospitals and schools, will close in 2021.

A complete ban will probably be introduced in 2022 in all public buildings, at companies and in stadiums. Even the Artis zoo in Amsterdam will be smoke-free from April of this year – its motto is ‘Clean air for everyone’.

ABN AMRO supports its employees who want to stop smoking. HR offers group training sessions and other forms of support.


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