Coronavirus crisis: An opportunity for more jobs and less pollution?

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It’s all over the news: unemployment is on the rise due to the coronavirus crisis. At the same time, sustainability efforts across the board have been put on the back burner. How can we address both problems at the same time? Femke Groothuis, chair of the Ex’Tax Project, answers this question during Circl’s Corona Reset webinar series.

From the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, people have been working towards economic recovery. Meanwhile, the call for a sustainable revival has become ever louder. But how do we go about this? Fundamental changes to our tax system could be the solution. 

The idea is quite simple: lower the cost of labour and raise the cost of raw materials. These financial incentives can help create jobs and reduce pollution. But the reality is slightly more complicated. The video below explains why this is so, and why now is the time to introduce these changes. 

Watching time: 60 minutes (Dutch)


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