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ABN AMRO is joining forces with the Dutch police, the Dutch Payments Association and their other members, and the national Fraud Help Desk in the fight against spoofing. This initiative will be supported by social media, with Facebook sharing its knowledge with the Fraud Help Desk.

Spoofing is the practice of criminals approaching people digitally using an assumed identity, often as a friend or family member of the victim or as the employee of an organisation. Criminals use the false identity to request aid – i.e. money – from the victim. The use of social media as a way to stay in touch with friends and family has exploded since the coronavirus lockdown, and fraudsters have taken widespread advantage of this development. In March, April and May, Dutch banks received three times as many reports of fraud through social media channels as in the same period last year, with an estimated 70 reports in the month of May.

Prevention tips

Helpful parents of young adults are the main targets, with criminals posing as their son or daughter and sending them emails, text messages and chats asking for financial support. Criminals find personal information on the victims’ loved ones on social media, such as a portrait photo or personal confidences. This makes the fraudster appear genuine, allowing them to mislead the victim’s mother, father or partner. Banks have composed a list of tips to help people avoid becoming the victim of this type of fraud. The Dutch Payments Association has issued a press release (in Dutch only) pointing out the necessity of public information on this crime.

ABN AMRO and spoofing

ABN AMRO is working hard to detect and prevent financial crime. Clients can find more information on the bank’s website on how to identify, prevent and report fraud. The bank also provides this information on, as well as in push messages in the ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app and on the ABN AMRO Internet Banking page. Clients can obtain information on and report fraud by phoning the ABN AMRO Contact Centre, the Support line for seniors or at a branch office. ABN AMRO’s fraud detection systems contribute to the prevention and reduction of fraud.

Clients and spoofing

It is also up to clients to take action to prevent fraud. One way to do this is to observe the five security rules (in Dutch only). These rules are the basis for the assessment of client requests for compensation. Each request is carefully assessed based on the circumstances at play. The bank and its employees will never ask a client to transfer money. If you receive such a request, please contact the bank or police and report this. 

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