Preventing the coronavirus from shutting down the payment flow

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Large companies will always want to keep things running. Especially a bank with a financial infrastructure. Just like any other big company, we have a team that keeps things going when there is a crisis, like the current outbreak of the coronavirus. John Forcelledo, head of this ABN AMRO team, explained what happens in a company during a virus outbreak in the Friday 28 February issue of De Volkskrant.

In corporate jargon, these teams are often called Business Continuity Teams. This name not only reflects what they do, but it also sounds catchier than ‘crisis team’. They make sure that business continues as usual in case of calamities like a cyberattack, a complete blackout or, as in this case, an outbreak of a virus epidemic.

In the interview with De Volkskrant, John talks about the types of disasters we distinguish in the bank (10 types!), the different stages of readiness (and what stage we are currently in) and what preventive measures are being taken within the company. But also what you can do as an SME.

Mass hysteria

What is our biggest enemy? “Panic”, John Forcelledo says in the interview. “If you say too little, people will underestimate the gravity. If you say too much, mass hysteria will shut down your business. So, you constantly have to strike the right balance in your communications.”

Read the full interview on De Volkskrant’s website.


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