What does it take to bring about an energy revolution?

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According Ruud Koornstra, Chairman of the Board of Smart Climate Opportunities and activist-entrepreneur, everything is happening faster because of the coronavirus crisis. In the Circl webinar series “Corona Reset”, he explains how the crisis will turn the energy transition into an energy revolution.

The coronavirus hit the Netherlands in March. Within a matter of days, life changed beyond recognition. At the same time, changes that otherwise took an age were pushed through in days. Within no time at all, three quarters of the country was online and working remotely, and social initiatives were shooting up everywhere.

All the signs indicate that this is the ideal time to make major sustainability changes. Does this include the energy sector, though? What will it take to unleash a revolution there? In this webinar, Ruud Koornstra presents the answer to that question. He talks to Arnold Mulder, one of the Energy Sector Bankers at ABN AMRO, and the audience. 

You can watch a recording of the webinar below (Dutch).

“Corona Reset” is a series of webinars organised by Circl. At 4.30 every Tuesday afternoon, a maverick visionary talks about giving shape to a new era. Together with the audience, we discuss what we ourselves want from our post-coronavirus society. What economic model will it take and what role will the government, the tax system and the financial sector play? All the ideas and lessons from the webinars will be gathered and compared with the bank’s realistic projections of future economic developments.


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