Selling your home? ABN AMRO will help generate publicity

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A house for sale

ABN AMRO is going to help customers wanting to sell their homes by generating publicity. The bank will go about this on a large scale: for example, the homes will be displayed on mega billboards along motorways, advertised on the radio and featured in Facebook advertisements. ABN AMRO will pay all the costs and will facilitate the entire advertising process.

Every day during the whole of December, customers of ABN AMRO will have the opportunity to generate light-hearted publicity for their homes. Customers looking for help selling their homes can sign up at They will be asked to explain, in one sentence, what makes their home so special and why it deserves extra publicity. Every day a panel of judges will select one home that will feature in a special advertisement.

Registration is open

Registration for ABN AMRO’s December offer is now open at, where further details are provided.


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