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ABN AMRO Mobile Banking app with personalisation features

ABN AMRO has added a new feature to its Mobile Banking app: the possibility to attach images to separate debit card transactions. Images make banking more visual, more personal and more transparent, and ABN AMRO is leading the way in the Netherlands.

Jessica Niewierra, Director of Digital Development & Interaction at ABN AMRO, explains, "ABN AMRO is adding more and more visual capabilities: visual banking, as we call it. We want day-to-day banking to be as easy and as personal as possible for our clients. Banking is even faster and even more intuitive with the latest version of the app. Visual banking makes the experience more recognisable for our clients, and using images adds speed and transparency. It’s easier to recognise an image when you’re calling up a particular transaction, selecting your accounts or searching your address book for a particular recipient."

Visual banking: more personal, more transparent

Clients can personalise their Mobile Banking app and their transfers in a variety of ways. For example, they can attach images – any of the nine unique Eurogami designs or a picture from their own camera roll – to their payments. Once the payment has been processed the client can send confirmation of the payment and an image to the recipient, either by e-mail or using an SMS message from the app. Every year, we process more than half a million payments that include images and SMS messages. Clients can also select images and names to attach to their own accounts, any account in their address book or their investments; 2.7 million photos have already been added like this. And starting today, clients can add images to their debit card transactions: a picture of the shoes they have just bought or a holiday souvenir, for example.

Besides making banking more personal and visual, it also offers greater transparency. The app and ABN AMRO’s Internet Banking tool offer a visual search capability: the user simply clicks on an image to retrieve all debit and credit entries relating to a particular person or organisation.

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