ABN AMRO makes 1 billion euros available for energy transition of real estate clients

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Sustainable building plans

ABN AMRO is helping commercial real estate clients make the transition to sustainable real estate. It has launched an online application with which commercial real estate clients can calculate various figures related to energy-saving measures, including carbon reduction figures and return times. ABN AMRO has made one billion euros in financing available for these investments and connects clients with partners. The initiative has been developed in partnership with CFP consultancy.

Transitioning to sustainable real estate

The online application allows clients to calculate the investment, return times and carbon reduction figures for each measure, such as insulation, LED lighting and solar panels. The measures have been proven to be economically effective and yield a jump of at least two energy labels for each property. ABN AMRO connects clients with partners such as Philips, Siemens, Bosch, Unica and Energie and provides additional financing. In this way, ABN AMRO is achieving its ambition to contribute to accelerating the transition to sustainable real estate.

Higher returns

Rutger Schuur, Head of Real Estate Clients at ABN AMRO: ‘We know that sustainable real estate produces higher returns for investors and society. We want to remove any obstacles to achieving energy savings and put our sustainability expertise to good use. The chain collaboration enables our clients to save energy quickly and professionally. If all energy-saving measures are carried out, this will result in a CO2 reduction of 500,000 tonnes and annual energy savings of more than 100 million euros a year.’

Bram Adema, director of CFP: “We see that more than 80% of useful measures are not implemented for lack of funds. ABN AMRO is now removing this barrier by making financing available for these energy-saving measures under favourable conditions. The operating costs of properties are set to decline, real estate owners are seeing the value of their properties rise, and the buildings will be easier to rent out.’

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