Bank and athletes introduce new programme for talented athletes

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Yvonne van Gennip, Jochem Uytdehaage, Sylvia Karres, Barbara Barend and ABN AMRO launch Talent Centraal.

Talent Centraal is an initiative of Talentboek (Yvonne van Gennip), Sporttop (Jochem Uytdehaage), De SportMaatschappij (Sylvia Karres), Helden (Barbara Barend) and ABN AMRO. Talent Centraal promotes the development of talented athletes and anybody who wants to work on their sports talent. The website went live on 8 April. Talents, professionals and others can share their knowledge and experience on this site to help talented athletes at any level develop. Talent Centraal is also starting a year-long programme on 9 April for a select group of 45 able-bodied and disabled talents in 18 different sports.

The 45 talents will participate in the Talent Centraal programme for one year. The programme will address sports-related matters as well as the conditions required for improving performance. Participants will receive supervision and tools in areas that talented athletes and their environment need, such as money, knowledge, image and career. Among the questions addressed are, What is the life of a top athlete like? What does it involve? How can I fund practising my sport at the highest level? How can I stay mentally fit? How should I handle the media? What will I do after my sports career is over?

Yvonne van Gennip, founder of Talentboek: ‘We at Talentboek have long harboured the wish to do more for talented athletes in the Netherlands. Thanks to our partnership with other parties, each with their own expertise, we can now do just that. This is a great, unique initiative that will help our talents go far.’

Sylvia Karres, founder of De SportMaatschappij (former professional field hockey player): ‘When it became clear that I had talent, everything changed. A programme like Talent Centraal would have been very inspiring to me, because you meet other talented athletes from other sports and get so much useful information. You really get the chance to develop yourself.’

Ernst Boekhorst, Manager of ABN AMRO Sponsoring & Events and Director of ABN AMRO Foundation: ‘We introduced the sponsorship programme Partner of the Future because we want to help talented people develop. That’s why ABN AMRO has taken the initiative, together with the other parties, to start Talent Centraal. I think it’s great that former professional athletes want to use their foundations to help talented athletes develop and, hopefully, make their dreams come true.’

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