ABN AMRO makes its investment activities more sustainable

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ABN AMRO has some 8 billion euros in sustainable client assets, making it the Netherlands' number one bank in this respect. The bank's ambition is to grow its sustainably invested assets to 16 billion euros in the next three years. In addition, ABN AMRO intends to make its range of investments more sustainable.

ABN AMRO's CEO Kees van Dijkhuizen explains: 'ABN AMRO wants to contribute to a better world, and we see that sustainability is becoming increasingly important to our clients. Last August, we announced targets for the sustainable conversion of residential and commercial properties in our real estate portfolio, and we're now doing the same for investments.'


Growth of the sustainable investment portfolio is expected to come from both new and existing clients. As from 2018, sustainable investment will be the norm for new clients in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, ABN AMRO will also be contacting existing clients to discuss a - purely voluntary - switchover from traditional to sustainable investment.

Another way ABN AMRO wants to achieve its growth ambitions is by making the bank more attractive for clients who (also) have investments with other parties to switch to ABN AMRO. Something that will certainly give the bank an edge is the publication of impact reports as from 2018. These reports will give clients insight into the positive or negative impact of their investments on people and the planet. ABN AMRO clients with traditional investment portfolios will receive these reports as well. The aim of the reports is to raise clients' awareness of their sustainable impact, and encourage them to switch from traditional to sustainable investment if they have not already done so.

More sustainable products

Over the next few years, ABN AMRO will be stepping up its engagement with companies and investment funds that do not yet qualify for inclusion in its sustainable investment portfolio. Where possible, the bank will pool its engagement efforts with other financial market participants, such as institutional investors. If any companies or fund managers fail to respond positively to continued engagement, the bank will eventually end its business relationship with them. In addition, ABN AMRO's new investment products and services will be sustainable.


Sustainable companies are better prepared for the future, and that is reflected in the returns they generate for investors. ABN AMRO's sustainable portfolios perform at least as well as traditional investments do - so the sustainable option makes financial sense, too.

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