Generating solar power on your own roof without any capital outlay

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Solar Panels for companies

SolarAccess and ABN AMRO have joined forces to help businesses generate sustainable energy on their own roofs. Without any capital outlay being required on their part, businesses can have solar panels installed and either use the green electricity for their own needs or else feed it back into the power grid. Any company wanting to save on its electricity bill can take out a contract and pay less than the market price for its electricity. ABN AMRO and SolarAccess retain ownership of the solar panels and arrange the finances, installation and maintenance. Ownership of the solar panels reverts to the participating companies after 16 years, again without any cost attached.

This unique offer from SolarAccess and ABN AMRO gives businesses the opportunity to benefit from a subsidy that the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs provides for generating and supplying solar power. ‘The idea is to offer companies a cost-effective way of improving their sustainability performances, without requiring any capital outlay on their part. The unused rooftop square metres will be put to use to bring about the necessary transition toward solar power and help us create a sustainable business sector in the Netherlands,’ explains Rutger van Nouhuijs, whose job at ABN AMRO is to provide services to corporate clients.

ABN AMRO and SolarAccess handle the entire process: from subsidy application, design and permits to installation, maintenance and financing. After 16 years the company automatically becomes the owner of the solar panels, which have a useful life of 25 years. The only condition is that the roof must be at least 5,000m2 in size. The price that the participating companies pay for the solar power produced on their roofs is based on the ‘bare’ energy price plus energy tax. If energy prices fall, the costs for the businesses also go down. The surplus electricity remaining after the companies have consumed what they need is fed back into the grid.

‘We’re pleased to join forces with ABN AMRO to help companies realise their sustainability targets. This initiative brings together the knowledge and expertise of SolarAccess with ABN AMRO’s financial knowhow and network to support the business community. It offers companies a cost-effective path toward sustainable energy, without the usual maintenance costs or financial and technical risks,’ comments Frans van Schoor, CEO of SolarAccess.


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