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As of today, it's fully digital: ABN AMRO clients can now apply for property loans anytime, any place. A special website allows them to submit applications for loans from EUR 1 million up to EUR 10 million, and get a decisive answer within two days.

Credit assessment partially automated

Preceding the launch of the new website, a pilot was held among a carefully selected group of clients. The success of these pilots has opened the door to more extensive testing on the live website. Because the credit assessment has been partially automated, a decisive answer can now be provided in just two days. The system incorporates a sector-specific analysis template to facilitate this. ”We’ve noticed that our clients are increasingly interested in a fast turnaround, and this website is our way of responding to this need,” says Frank Kerstens, Head of Innovation at ABN AMRO.

Property financing of the future

This new financing initiative is part of Real Estate Clients' innovation programme. Kerstens: “The real estate market is trending upwards, and the Dutch segment of that market will always hold appeal to property financiers. For us it's important to stand out from the competition. The new online loan application process is a great example of how we combine new technology with our network and our expertise.”

Innovation timeline

Rutger Schuur, who is responsible for Real Estate Clients in the Commercial Banking management team, elaborates: “We've been making steady progress in terms of innovation. Last month, our block chain experiment Torch was nominated for an NRC Fintech Award. Today we're launching this new website. And as of next month, a sustainability check will be a default and integrated part of our property appraisals.”


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