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Although Dutch people very commonly lend each other small sums, they are not too fussy about paying back the debt. After holding a survey among 1000 Dutch people, ABN AMRO concluded that three quarters of those polled regularly lend money to others. An even larger percentage is currently awaiting cash repayments. The survey showed that 83 percent of Dutchmen are owed up to 20 euros from people they know.

Lending acquaintances money is most commonly done for the purpose of buying groceries (47 percent), followed by chipping in for collective gifts (44 percent). The Dutch are also happy to help out a partner, friend, relative, or colleague who is pressed for money (43 percent). After money changes hands, nearly half of the lenders see reimbursement within a week. The survey also shows that 61 percent of Dutch men and women sometimes forget to settle their outstanding personal debts; this happens more commonly among the youth (75 percent) than among the elderly (50 percent).

End of a friendship

Over one third of those polled have stated being reluctant to remind their acquaintances to pay back the money they are due. And one in three Dutch people feels annoyed when it takes ages or even takes forever to get their money back. Sixteen percent consider unpaid debts a valid reason to end a friendship altogether. On the other hand, it's also common to brush off the offer of repayment. Roughly 65% of Dutch people are fine with sometimes calling it a day and considering a debt a gift instead.


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