ABN AMRO concludes new CLA

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ABN AMRO and the unions FNV Finance, De Unie and CNV Dienstenbond have reached agreement about a new CLA. The new collective labour agreement will come into force retroactively from 1 January 2018 and will cover the two-year period until 1 January 2020. The new CLA gives ABN AMRO a modern set of employment terms that reflect where the banking sector is headed. The key elements are a new performance management approach, long-term employability and employee vitality, concrete arrangements about employing people with a disability and structural pay rises.

New performance management approach

One of the central elements of the new CLA is Together & Better, a new performance management system. The bank is showing the rest of its sector the way by abolishing its annual performance assessments and focusing instead on continual development. This approach will also boost the process of culture change, with the bank seeking to become an agile organisation with a strong focus on agility and greater employee responsibility. By investing in its people, the bank can better meet its clients’ wishes.

Long-term employability and vitality

ABN AMRO wishes to enhance the long-term employability of its people, inside or outside the bank. The bank will invest in a healthy balance between energy at work and downtime at home. Personal development budgets will be raised and employees will also be awarded an additional training day. To improve their vitality, employees can sign up for a free personal health check once a year. The bank will also pay for a personalised financial analysis once every three years. The leave arrangements have been improved, in particular for childbirth: partners may now take two weeks’ paid childbirth leave.

People with poor job prospects

ABN AMRO’s diversity policy is already one of the most progressive of its kind in the Netherlands. Under the social agreement, the bank will take on 225 people with a disability. Experiences with ‘Warm Welcome’ have been positive, and the bank will further expand this project to hire people with generally poorer job prospects: they guarantee clients an old-fashioned warm welcome at the bank’s offices.


ABN AMRO has offered an economically viable wage deal: 

  • February 2018: a one-time payment of 1000 euros (gross) for all bank employees, regardless of working hours
  • effective 1 January 2018: a structural pay rise of 2%
  • effective 1 January 2019: a structural pay rise of 2%

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