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Since its introduction two years ago, Tikkie has made it easy to repay small loans – and the timeliness of those repayments keeps improving too. 87% of Tikkie requests are repaid within a day, and 10% of repayment requests even get completed in just one minute. Convenience and speed continue to fuel the growth of ABN AMRO’s payment app, which has 3 million users by now.

Tikkie is becoming more and more commonplace as users send or receive several Tikkie requests a month, with an average transaction value of just under 30 euros. Since its introduction in 2016 , over EUR 1 billion has been paid through Tikkie. “Although using Tikkie for daily grocery shopping and other such expenses is gaining popularity, gifts and group activities are still the main reason for people to send a Tikkie request. Such activities include dinners, lunches, going out, and – especially in summer – attending festivals,” ABN AMRO Chief Digital Officer Frank Verkerk explains. “You can see a pattern in the moments of payment too, Monday being the day of choice to fulfil your requests. Right after the weekend.”

Tikkie's convenience also encourages people to pay back the money they owe very quickly. “We've collectively moved on from the times when you'd wait for your money for weeks, or didn't get it back at all because you'd both forgotten about it,” Verkerk says. “Tikkie requests are getting fulfilled faster and faster. Out of all requests, 80% gets paid in half a day, with 87% being fulfilled within one day. And 10% of requests get paid within just one minute of being sent.”

Business use of Tikkie on the rise

Because of the speed and convenience of the app, a growing number of business users have added Tikkie to their payment options, offering their customers more choice in how they want to make the transaction. Frank Verkerk: “Over 550 business clients are using Tikkie now, from small independent businesses like hairdressers and dentists, to major parties like the Dutch Heart Foundation, KLM, and a number of government institutions.” Tikkie provides a timely guarantee that the money has been paid, with the business dashboard giving companies a direct overview of all payments. “We're very pleased to see users carry over the habit of responding to friends' requests quickly, not letting businesses wait for a long time either.” Finally, entrepreneurs have the option to personalise Tikkie, which strengthens ties with their customers.

About Tikkie

Tikkie is a free-to-use app for iPhone and Android to conveniently send payment requests using WhatsApp or text messages. The app was introduced in 2016 and now counts over 3 million users. Although it is an ABN AMRO initiative, clients of all Dutch banks can use Tikkie free of charge. All you need is a smartphone and a Dutch bank account, to pay through iDEAL and your own familiar banking environment. Recipients don't need to have the Tikkie app installed themselves. The app meets ABN AMRO's safety and security requirements. User data is well-protected and is not shared with other companies.


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