ABN AMRO partners up with the Dutch Alliance for a Smoke-Free Society

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ABN AMRO has joined the Dutch Alliance for a Smoke-Free Society (Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij), a partnership of more than 140 organisations that is led by the Dutch Lung Foundation, the Dutch Cancer Society and the Dutch Heart Foundation. ABN AMRO is now the first bank in the Netherlands to support the Smoke-Free Generation initiative.

ABN AMRO and the Dutch Heart Foundation had already agreed to join forces to help create a smoke-free future. Part of this arrangement is that ABN AMRO no longer extends loans to the tobacco industry. Joining the Alliance is the next step in this process. ABN AMRO will further implement the prevention policy aimed at its own workforce.

Floris Italianer, Director of the Dutch Heart Foundation and chair of the Dutch Alliance for a Smoke-Free Society, is pleased that ABN AMRO will increase its efforts to discourage tobacco consumption and support the Smoke-Free Generation initiative. ‘ABN AMRO is blazing the trail for responsible banking and driving the transition to a Smoke-Free Generation, and other banks and financial institutions are urged to follow its example. This is what the Netherlands needs.’

ABN AMRO’s CEO Kees van Dijkhuizen shares this sentiment. ‘ABN AMRO supports the ambition of a “Smoke-Free Generation” that the Alliance pursues. Smoking is a social problem. We already deny loans to tobacco producers, and our investment advisory and asset management services exclude investments in tobacco manufacturers. Joining this large social coalition is the next step, and hopefully we can learn from organisations actively pursuing the same goals.’

Smoking is by far the single most avoidable cause of disease and death in the Netherlands. Hundreds of children still become addicted to tobacco every week, and it is only logical that most of the population of the Netherlands supports the idea of a Smoke-Free Generation: a society in which children can grow up in a world free from tobacco smoke and are protected from the temptation to start smoking.

Smoke-Free Generation

‘Working towards a Smoke-Free Generation’ is an initiative of the Dutch Heart Foundation, the Dutch Cancer Society and the Dutch Lung Fund. Joined by an ever-increasing number of organisations and individuals, they are striving to create a society where children are protected from tobacco smoke as they grow up and are not tempted to start smoking. This can be achieved if everyone works together to set an example and banish smoking from all settings where children come. If everyone does their bit, together, we can create a Smoke-Free Generation.


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