Less hassle for SMEs through seamless matching of banking and accounts

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The very last thing business owners typically want to do is their accounts. At the same time, running a tight financial ship is a very high priority for many entrepreneurs.

ABN AMRO has teamed up with Lyanthe to develop accounting software that is fully integrated into online banking for businesses – a novelty in the market that offers many advantages. Quite a few business owners spend a lot of evenings and weekend hours doing admin, but they now stand to save a great deal of time and effort

Strength in simplicity

Users can upload their receipts and invoices into the banking environment, saving time on processing and generating integrated overviews. The latest technology automatically translates the host of receipts, invoices and transactions to balance the accounts. Users will have (nearly) nothing left to do.

“Its strength is in the simplicity for its users,” says Lyanthe’s Jochem Baars. As we’re tying everything in with the banking environment and various technologies, we’re able to digitise and categorise receipts and invoices at nearly 100 per cent accuracy, basically wrapping up accounts in one fell swoop.” Sending or paying invoices, chasing late payments, as well as processing receipts and drawing up the accounts, will become a thing of the past. The new accounting software should be available for the bank’s SME clients by the summer

Partnerships to make clients’ lives easier

“To stay successful going forward, we are committed to partnerships that add value for our clients,” says Gerben Bos, Head of SME Banking at ABN AMRO. Our clients stand to benefit greatly from this accounting software and we are very happy with our partnership with Lyanthe.”


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