Sustainable procurement

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ABN AMRO seeks to contribute to society by purchasing sustainably. We use products and services that are not harmful to people and planet and encourage our suppliers to do business responsibly. In doing so, we improve on two fronts: we make our own business operations more sustainable and we strengthen the impact we have through our purchasing partners. This is a continuous process towards creating a more sustainable supply chain.

Code of conduct and objective CSR guidelines

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) are part and parcel of ABN AMRO’s purchasing processes. All our suppliers sign our ‘code of conduct for suppliers’, which sets out how suppliers should treat their employees and the environment, comply with legislation and regulations, and provide a safe workplace. To further embed sustainability in our purchasing processes, ABN AMRO became a founding partner of the sustainability rating firm FIRA. The international FIRA guidelines provide a framework to monitor, test and compare the sustainability performance of suppliers every year.

Improving rather than excluding

Based on the FIRA rating, we are able to select the best and most sustainable solutions for the bank. Suppliers that have not yet been FIRA rated are given the opportunity to improve. ABN AMRO has deliberately chosen this approach as it will encourage our chain partners to adopt responsible business practices. There is, after all, always scope for sustainability improvements.

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