Critical of climate impact

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Our Climate Change Statement​ (PDF 78 KB)

Climate Statement Dutch Banking Association​ (PDF 577 KB)

Climate change – you can spend hours discussing it or you can simply take action. At ABN AMRO we act. We see no other choice, really – if we want to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, society will have to cut carbon emissions. And that’s all of us, including businesses.

CO2, energy label A and a bank?

As a bank, we can make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions. This is how it works: 40% of all carbon emissions is produced by the built-up area. Homes, offices, schools, industrial buildings and hospitals - all consuming energy to cool, heat or use equipment. 

ABN AMRO finances over 10% of the total floor space in the built-up environment in the Netherlands. This works out to a total amount of 185 billion euros in loans for homes and buildings on our balance sheet – about two-thirds of the bank’s outstanding loans to clients.