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Our Climate Change Statement​ (PDF 78 KB)

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Climate Statement Dutch Banking Association​ (PDF 577 KB)

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face today. And ABN AMRO is taking its responsibility – among others by reducing its carbon footprint and by enabling its clients to operate more sustainably.

We begin with ourselves

As a participant in MJA3, a Dutch energy efficiency agreement for the years ahead, we have agreed to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions. More precisely, we aim to emit at least 30% less by 2020 compared with 2005. And we are also addressing our indirect impact, for example by proactively developing products and services that contribute to tackling climate change. One initiative was the establishment of a ‘deal team’ dedicated to financing sustainable energy.

We could all discuss climate change as a topic at length – or we could simply start doing something about it. ABN AMRO chooses to act. There’s no other choice, after all. If we want to limit global warming to an increase of 2° Celsius, we will have to limit our society’s carbon emissions now. Everybody plays a role in achieving that goal, including companies.