In the day-to-day practice of sustainable banking, issues often arise that are not fully covered by our current policy, and we need to think about the most appropriate approach. We want to be open and transparent about these dilemmas.

Sustainable investors

Dies Donker en Rients Abma van Eumedion

A great many influential investors are recognising the growing importance of sustainability. So how do they view the bank and its performance on the stock market?

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The circular car

David Kemps and Arie de Jong

The circular economy is the next step towards a sustainable society. ABN AMRO’s Industry sector banker David Kemps discussed the circular car with Arie de Jong, CEO of mobility sector recycling expert ARN.

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The Fair Finance Guide

Video: waar staat de bank... Eerlijke Bankwijzer

The Dutch organisation Eerlijke Bankwijzer (Fair Finance Guide) compares banks and insurance companies on their level of sustainability. How does ABN AMRO score according to this organisation’s criteria?

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Non discrimination

Waar staat de bank

Women in senior management positions are rare. In Dutch companies their percentage is less than twenty percent. What is the situation at ABN AMRO? We took the bank to The Hague, where we asked a member of parliament her opinion.

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Balancing the interest

Richard Kooloos about dilemma: Balancing the interest

Directory of Sustainability Richard Kooloos explains how ABN AMRO deals with one of the most common bankers’ dilemmas: what if the client’s interest goes against the interests of society?

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The diamond sector

Diamond in hand

Geert van Reisen, Head of Strategy and Portfolio Management Diamond & Jewellery Clients, explains the bank’s stance in a sector of extremes.

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