Corporate governance

Good corporate governance is critical for us to realise our strategic ambition of being a trusted and professional partner for all our stakeholders, including clients, our shareholders, investors, employees and society at large.

ABN AMRO is organised in a way that guarantees first-class management and effective supervision by the Executive Board and Supervisory Board. Integrity, transparency and accountability are key elements of our corporate governance and business operations. These key elements ensure that we pursue effective risk management, comply with legislation and regulations and provide full transparency to stakeholders and market parties.

ABN AMRO has a two-tier governance model consisting of a Supervisory Board and a Executive Board. The memberships of the Supervisory Boards of ABN AMRO Group and ABN AMRO Bank are the same, as are the memberships of the Executive Boards of ABN AMRO Group and ABN AMRO Bank and the committees of these boards.

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