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With effect from 1 January 2020, ABN AMRO will modify the terms & conditions for revolving credits (Flexibel Krediet) taken out before mid-February 2019. Under the existing terms, clients are free to withdraw, pay back, and withdraw again any number of times up to the credit limit agreed. Under the new terms, clients can withdraw funds for two years at most, after which they must start paying back the loan. These terms already applied for clients who requested a new line of revolving credit after mid-February 2019.

ABN AMRO is changing these terms & conditions in response to clients’ preferences and to tailor the product more closely to today’s needs. The bank’s clients will be informed of the changes in phases in the next two weeks, starting today.

ABN AMRO announced some weeks ago that clients will no longer be able to request a new line of revolving credit from 9 December. The bank has taken this decision due to declining demand for this type of credit. In addition, an increasing number of clients want to pay back their loans.

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