New ‘Tikkie Check’ for ultra-fast payment in bars and restaurants

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Payment app Tikkie now comes with a new service, Tikkie Check, allowing users to pay the bill in bars and restaurants with their smartphone without the intervention of staff. Tikkie Check simplifies payment for customers and restaurants alike: customers can pay quickly and securely while restaurants can expand their service safely – something this industry needs.

As a customer, you will continue to place your order with waitstaff, keeping the service personal. But now, when you’re ready to go, you can simply scan the QR code on your table, enter the table number, leave a tip if desired, pay the check and leave without the assistance of a waiter. After paying, you can download the receipt and split the bill with others by sending a Tikkie. Want to see how it works? Check out the video.

Waitstaff and customers enthusiastic

Besides swift and secure payment, hospitality providers will experience faster turnover of tables and will have more time to give customers personal service. Tikkie Check has been tested extensively in cafés, bars and restaurants throughout the Netherlands. This is what waitstaff and customers have to say:

  • 85% of customers say paying with Tikkie Check is faster than other payment methods;
  • 91% of waitstaff say paying with Tikkie Check is faster and easier;
  • 91% of customers would recommend Tikkie Check to friends and family.

Register for Tikkie Check

Hospitality businesses in the Netherlands can register for Tikkie Check at or (Dutch only). They will benefit temporarily from special rates. At present, a number of 
cash register systems (Dutch only) are connected to Tikkie Check. We expect more systems to be connected in the near future.

Watch the video

Watch time: 00:38 sec (Dutch only)


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