Older ABN AMRO clients prove above-average Internet Banking users

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Older ABN AMRO clients make above-average use of Internet Banking. In 2017, some 90 per cent of clients over the age of 65 were Internet Banking users, compared with 86 per cent for all private and retail clients together last year. Mobile Banking is much less popular among the older population, with only 26 per cent of retail clients using this service in 2017. This is way below the overall uptake of mobile banking by smartphone, which stood at 66 per cent.

Alex Terpstra, Customer Experience Director at ABN AMRO, comments: "Our senior citizens quite rightfully consider it very important to be able to do their own banking in an easy and safe way. Online banking helps. ABN AMRO provides assistance and workshops to older people who would like to do their banking business online but are still unfamiliar with the possibilities. In addition, there are times when these clients - as well as others already banking online - need support in taking and planning for financial decisions, such as setting their accounts in order or receiving advice on how to prevent financial abuse."

Financial coach

Nery Anderson, Director of Daily Banking Business at ABN AMRO, adds: "We are introducing financial coaches to offer some extra support and assistance to our older and less mobile customers, helping them take care of their banking business in our branch offices. Our financial coaches also help customers for whom a switch to online banking is too big a step-change to familiarise themselves with Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. Our aim is to keep older people financially savvy and so keep control of their money and banking business."

More help needed

Internet Banking usage by clients aged 65 and over has been stable for a number of years, but this group has been slow to adopt Mobile Banking. Research by ABN AMRO reveals they see less added value in doing their banking business by smartphone. That said, senior citizens' uptake of Mobile Banking rose by eight per cent in the year, making for a more rapid increase in Mobile Banking use than for all private and retail clients together (up 5 per cent to a total 66 per cent). ABN AMRO's Mobile Banking and Internet Banking services are rated as highly by older clients as by others, with an average rating of 9+ for both.

Growing older in financial safety

This use of financial coaches fits in with ABN AMRO's responsibility to help its clients keep financially safe as they grow older. ABN AMRO, its fellow banks, the Dutch government and other relevant partners have recently forged an alliance to address the issue of financial abuse under the banner 'Growing older in financial safety'. ABN AMRO's financial coaches are contributing to this campaign.


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