Corporate & Institutional Banking

ABN AMRO Bank offers a comprehensive package of financial products and services to corporate and institutional clients globally. We serve our clients based on sector and product expertise. In the Netherlands the Corporate & Institutional Banking department serves clients in all sectors with a turnover above EUR 250m.

In North Western Europe (UK, GE, BE, and FR) we focus on clients with a turnover EUR >100m in eight selected sectors based on our expertise in the Netherlands. These sectors are Business Services, Financial Institutions, Food, Manufacturing, Retail, Utilities and Transport & Logistics. Globally we want to grow in the sectors in which we have proven expertise and an existing strong positions: Natural Resources, Transportation & Logistics, Trade & Commodity Finance and Financial Institutions. 

Our international network (13 countries in all time zones) is driven by the client sectors we focus on. Our sector bankers are supported by product expertise. They operate in dynamic client service teams of which the composition is dependent on the need of the client. Our product expertise is organized in four product units: Global Market, Clearing, Structured Finance, and Private Equity.

Sustainable banking is at the heart of our business. We aim to contribute to a better world by thoroughly selecting our business partners and we encourage our clients to do more business in a sustainable manner.

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Client information Brexit

ABN AMRO closely monitors the developments around Brexit and informs its clients about the possible impact. That way clients can take steps to be prepared.

In this letter​ (PDF 800 KB) clients can read about the possible practical consequences.