Annual Report 2017


ABN AMRO Integrated Annual Review and Annual Report

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Our financial performance was strong, our clients appreciate us more, costs were lower, and we're contributing to a more sustainable economy. Kees van Dijhuizen Chief Executive Officer ABN AMRO Read the interview

What we did in 2017

The Supervisory Board appoints CEO Kees van Dijkhuizen. A streamlined management structure with increased executive level attention to business activities is introduced.
Transavia becomes the first company to give its customers access to the innovative Tikkie app, followed by The University of Groningen, the Dutch Heart Foundation and Ajax in later months.
  • ABN AMRO participates in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. 
  • The annual report 'Giving voice to value' is published leading to the award for most innovative report in the Transparancy Benchmark Study.
  • ABN AMRO closes the sale of private banking activities in Asia and the Middle East. 
  • EIB and ABN AMRO provide EUR 150 million to finance green shipping.
  • ABN AMRO's circular pavilion is now named Circl. It underpins the bank's commitment to the circular economy.
  • The Supervisory Board announces the intended appointment of Clifford Abrahams as CFO and Tanja Cuppen as CRO.
  • Smart loyalty app wins ABN AMRO's 'Beyond Banking Hackaton'.
  • A Vlerick Business School study names ABN AMRO a frontrunner in digital transformation. 
  • The results of an internal investigation into revised mortgage advice are announced.
  • The Dutch State reduces its stake in the ABN AMRO group to 63%.
  • According to the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development, ABN AMRO has set the example by providing more transparency on risks and actions regarding human rights.
  • ABN AMRO provides 100% financing for corporate clients to improve sustainability of their properties.
ABN AMRO makes further commitment to sustainability: we aim to improve the average energy efficiency of our own and our clients' properties to label 'A' by 2030; sustainable investing will be the new norm for private banking from 2018 onwards.
  • ABN AMRO launches NEW 10, an online small business loan application. 
  • The Dutch State reduces its stake in the ABN AMRO group to 56%.
  • ABN AMRO increases its stake in Swedish fintech TINK.
  • Tikkie reaches 1.5 million users.
  • ABN AMRO's first Health Impact Bond and sixth Social Impact Bond: A broad alliance of parties join hands to support employees who have or have had cancer in returning to work faster and more successfully.
  • Introduction of instant payments between European banks.
ABN AMRO prepares for the future with the launch of its Developer Portal with series of Commercial API's, as well as its challenger propositions Prospery in Private Banking.

Driving forces

ABN AMRO is operating in an environment that is rapidly changing. Clients have ever higher expectations, technology is developing rapidly, our rivals are not sitting on their hands and banks have to deal with regulation to keep the financial system stable and strong. ABN AMRO has identified five trends that drive our strategy.

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Our strategy

ABN AMRO is a financial institution deeply rooted in society. Indeed, the community is our licence to operate. We feel it is our duty to make a meaningful contribution to a sustainable society with the services we provide and with our people. Our strategy enables us to create value for all parties with an interest in our bank.

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Implementing our strategy is bringing real-life achievements. The past year has seen us launch a number of ‘innovator banks’, open up our IT environment to outside software developers, engage on human rights, issue a Health Impact Bond, and set ourselves the goal of getting all real estate we own and finance from an average energy label D to an average energy label A.

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Our annual figures

ABN AMRO has had a good year: underlying profit advanced by 34% while return on equity rose to 14.5%. We also bolstered our capital position, were successful in improving our reputation among clients and scored higher on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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Stakeholder concerns

ABN AMRO is in dialogue with clients, employees, investors, non-governmental organisations and regulators to see what they expect from the bank. Sometimes the interests may conflict. How does the bank deal with this?

Sustainable impact sometimes interferes with commercial interests

Sustainability is a fundamental principle for ABN AMRO. At the same time, we are a commercial business. Sometimes, these two goals are at odds with each other.

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Operating in a low interest rate environment

Interest rates have been at extremely low levels for more than five years; since 2015, banks have even had to pay to hold money with the European Central Bank (ECB) or when lending to each other. Yet consumers continue to save more and more.

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Reorganising and at the same time recruiting specialists

ABN AMRO is going through a digital transition. To help us achieve this, the bank is looking for new employees with specific skills and knowledge, such as app builders and scrum masters. At the same time, other staff are losing their jobs due to reorganisations.

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Handling confidential information in a society that demands transparency

The bank is sometimes called upon to be open about the relationships we have with our clients. On the other hand, our clients must be able to count on the confidentiality of their relationship with us. How does ABN AMRO deal with this?

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Allocation of capital (growth vs dividend)

Since the financial crisis, banks have been required to keep higher capital buffers. ABN AMRO is no exception. So what does this mean for our dividend policy?

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