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Dozens of trainees join ABN AMRO every year, on their way to a career in the financial services industry. They’re all enterprising people, with hearts as well as brains. They’re highly talented individuals who are keen to excel, preferably as part of a team and never at the expense of others.

Develop yourself as a Young Talent

As a recent graduate or young professional you want to make an impact, have the opportunity to develop yourself, increase your knowledge and work in a team with enthusiastic colleagues. For these driven young talents we offer Talent Programmes, to give your career a kickstart at ABN AMRO!


Organizations, including ours, are working more agile and teams are becoming more self-managing. That way, as a company, we can adapt quickly to changes and innovations. This requires different skills from people who work with us, also from young starters in the market. That is why your talent and fresh perspective on the world are very important to us. We believe that your growth contributes to the improvement of the bank.

ABN AMRO Talent Programmes

Your talent, expertise and development, that's what the ABN AMRO Talent Programs are all about. If you participate in our Talent Programme you are responsible for your own success. You start directly in a position where your knowledge will expand rapidly. In addition, the Talent Programme offers you the chance to build up a large network within the bank and beyond. In short, we offer you the means to get the most out of your Talent Programme. You are in the lead and with a good dose of energy you will be prepped to the young professional who makes the difference.

Boost Your Growth

You want to know how to make your work meaningful, how to work effectively and create innovation. In a unique collaboration with The School of Life we ​​have developed the personal development programme Boost Your Growth, where you as a talent are challenged to get a better picture of who you are, how you can use your talent for the benefit of society and ABN AMRO.

How does it work?

After you have landed at ABN AMRO, you start in a scrum team and will learn the tricks of the Agile Way of Working. In one year, you and your scrum team will discuss 4 themes in which you, the world, culture and impact are central. In addition, you work together on a business-related team assignment. A special feature of this program is that you decide which boosters - workshops and talks - you will follow. In addition, you will explore the bank's strategy in various ways. It's up to you!

What's in it for you?

- Guaranteed to learn about themes that were not covered during your studies
- See everyday topics in a new perspective
- Group coaching from The School of Life
- Awareness of your talent and how you make an impact
- Building a bank-wide network
- Connecting your purpose to the purpose of ABN AMRO

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