ABN AMRO comes fifth in Social Media Monitor

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ABN AMRO has taken fifth place in the Social Media Monitor out of a total of a hundred contenders. The Monitor looked at the extent to which businesses make use of social media.

In the fourth round of the Social Media Monitor it transpired that ABN AMRO makes active use of the various social media and actually takes first place in the rankings for the use of Twitter and LinkedIn. ABN AMRO uses its official Twitter channel mainly in the context of its service delivery.

"ABN AMRO staff respond to questions, but also to reports that are not aimed directly at ABN AMRO. In our assessment of ABN AMRO we were also struck by the personal and authentic touch that characterised the tweets. The responses tweeted by ABN AMRO staff are always personally addressed and friendly", according to the report.

ABN AMRO also heads the rankings in the LinkedIn Monitor. "The company uses LinkedIn to share sector information with its followers and also to explain mortgage products. The range of products and services recommended by ABN AMRO via LinkedIn is very comprehensive."

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