Annual Report 2016

Giving voice to value
Giving Voice to Value Read more about our Value Creation Model

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Our strategy
Our strategy Read more about our strategy

A message from our CEO

Our CEO, Kees van Dijkhuizen, discusses the solid results our bank achieved in 2016, both financial and non-financial. We aim to create lasting value for our stakeholders. How? By listening to our clients and finding the best solutions for them. By pressing ahead with innovation, working together with fintechs and exploring the potential of blockchain technology. And by stepping up our commitment to sustainability, for example by contributing to the transition to sustainable real estate in the Netherlands. We made progress on all these fronts in 2016. Read our CEO’s message and watch the video to find out about all this and much more.

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Giving voice to value

Giving Voice to Value

We want to create lasting value, both financial and non-financial, for all our stakeholders – clients, employees, society and investors. So we ask our stakeholders every year what they believe are the most important issues that our bank should address. These dialogues give us valuable information on how we can take action to make a difference while balancing their interests at all times. Our intention is to engage in an ongoing conversation with our stakeholders and to align our strategic focus and actions with their needs. Engaging with them shows us that there are many ways to become a better bank contributing to a better world.

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Our annual results at a glance

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Our strategy

Our strategy

Today’s world is changing faster than ever, and the banking landscape is shifting rapidly and fundamentally. We are seeing big changes in the needs and behaviour of our stakeholders – clients, employees, society at large and investors – and, above all, in their expectations of a financial institution. These changes not only present challenges, but also good business opportunities and the chance to make a difference for our stakeholders. Against this background, we updated our long-term strategy in 2016, fine-tuning it to address relevant developments and the challenges we will face in the years up to 2020.

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Trends and market development

Trends and market developments

We are here to serve our stakeholders. We strive to give them what they need by listening to them and being alert to the ever-changing world around us. As part of society, our bank is affected by societal trends and external developments. It is our responsibility to our stakeholders to be attuned to what is going on beyond our own four walls and to prepare for the future as effectively as possible. We conduct scenario planning to help us determine how various trends and developments could impact our business and performance should they come about. In our view, there are four trends currently taking place that are most relevant to our bank.

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Sustainability Highlights 2016

Sustainability Highlights 2016

Sustainability Highlights features various activities we undertook in 2016 to deliver on our mission of being a better bank contributing to a better world. Read more on the Sustainability Reporting pages of our website.

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