Annual Report 2018

“We look at why people don’t choose sustainability. And we look for solutions”

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What we did in 2018

  • ABN AMRO launches Franx, a digital platform for forex trades and international payments.
  • The bank suffers a series of DDoS attacks, disrupting online services.
  • Olga Zoutendijk steps down as Chairman of ABN AMRO’s Supervisory Board.
  • ABN AMRO signs a new collective labour agreement with Dutch trade unions.
  • ABN AMRO agrees to sell its private banking operations in Luxembourg to BNP Paribas.
  • Christian Bornfeld is appointed ABN AMRO’s new Chief Innovation & Technology Officer.
  • Through its Digital Impact Fund, ABN AMRO buys a stake in German fintech SolarisBank.
  • ABN AMRO issues its latest green bond, worth €750 million.
  • ABN AMRO launches a €200 million sustainable energy fund.
  • The bank joins a new initiative to halve business travel by 2030.
  • ABN AMRO enters into a partnership with Opportunity Network, an online platform for entrepreneurs.
  • Shareholders vote to appoint Tom de Swaan as the bank’s new Supervisory Board Chairman.
  • ABN AMRO announces the acquisition of Societe Generale’s private banking business in Belgium.
  • ABN AMRO agrees to speed up compensation to clients for interest rate derivatives.
  • ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank issue new guidelines to encourage investments in circular economy projects.
  • ABN AMRO makes it easier for clients over 56 to take out new mortgages or withdraw equity from their homes.
  • Komgo is launched – a new digital commodity trade network based on blockchain technology. ABN AMRO is one of the 15 backers.
  • ABN AMRO’s Groenbank reopens its doors as demand increases for green financing.
  • ABN AMRO unveils its strategy refresh, based on ‘Banking for Better, for generations to come’.
  • Europe’s Banking Authority (EBA) confirms ABN AMRO’s strong capital position after its latest stress tests.
  • ABN AMRO organises its first Investor Day in London.
  • Two new members are nominated to ABN AMRO’s Supervisory Board: Anna StorÃ¥kers and Michiel Lap.
  • Along with two other investors, ABN AMRO’s Energy Transition Fund buys a 100% stake in wind power company De Wieken.
  • ABN AMRO reaches agreement to sell part of its stake in investment fund ABN AMRO Participaties.
You don’t need to explain to clients how important sustainability is. We have companies that want to change their business models. Retail clients who want to make their homes more sustainable. Sustainability is a business opportunity for us. We won’t be the only bank doing this – but we do want to be a front runner. Kees van Dijkhuizen Chief Executive Officer ABN AMRO Read the interview

The world around us

ABN AMRO’s business is affected by different social and economic factors. We’ve seen continued growth in the Dutch economy, new digital technologies, low interest rates, shifting expectations in society and a step-up in regulations. These developments influence our current and future activities.

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Our strategy

In 2018, we launched a refreshed strategy with a strong focus on sustainability. Our strategy is a reflection of our purpose: Banking for better, for generations to come. Our products and services, and the choices we make, have the capacity to change the world around us for the better: society, our clients and our own people.

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Front runners

These mini-documentaries showcase employees who champion sustainable change. They share their personal stories and talk about what drives them to leave the world a better place for the next generation.

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Our targets

In addition to our 2017/2018 results, we are announcing a series of new targets for 2019/2020 to support our refreshed strategy.

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