Art collection

Art is emotion. Art inspires. Art is original and imparts its own unique perspectives to everyday reality. The ABN AMRO art collection has been a source of inspiration for clients, visitors and employees for decades. The art collection also reflects the bank’s social engagement. By collecting, caring for and exhibiting contemporary art, irreplaceable works of art are being preserved for future generations. The contemporary art collection consists primarily of post-war works by artists who have ties to the Netherlands, as well as international accents.

Exhibitions and events

Art tour by Jasper Krabbé

Works from the art collection are often lent out to museums. They are also exhibited in exhibitions inside and outside of the bank. At the moment the painting Magdalena by Marlene Dumas is on loan to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

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Art publications

Many publications have dealt with the ABN AMRO art collection. Here you can find an overview of all art publications.

Read our art publications​ (PDF 605 KB)