Digital Impact Fund

In October 2015, we launched the ABN AMRO Digital Impact fund, a corporate venture fund investing in innovative start-ups and scale-ups specialising in the digitalisation of financial products and services. In March 2018, the fund was raised to EUR 50 million thanks to a successful investment pace. Each investment will range between EUR 1 and EUR 5 million.

A growing number of start-ups and scale-ups are developing financial products and business models that enhance user friendliness and can provide our retail, corporate and private banking clients with more financial insight. ABN AMRO is actively approaching promising FinTech companies that qualify for the Digital Impact Fund.

We use the Digital Impact Fund to invest in European companies that have already launched a product and are currently in the growth phase. By working with them, we can continue to offer our clients, retail as well as corporate, ever-improving digital financial products and services. In turn, the start-ups can benefit from our networks, knowledge and systems.

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Which companies qualify for the fund?

We invest in start-ups and scale-ups by providing growth and smart capital. We are making our network, our knowledge and our systems actively available to these companies. And, in turn, by using the start-ups’ knowledge, technology and innovative power we can jointly provide our clients with better digital financial products and services.

An important investment criterion is that the company is involved in developing products and technologies that provide added value not only to our corporate and retail clients, but also to the bank’s operations. The fund has made 50 million euros available for this purpose.

What do we offer?

  • Direct investing in the form of growth capital with individual investments between EUR 1 and EUR 5 million
  • The possibility to have ABN AMRO as a (launching) customer
  • Access to our knowledge and networks
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