Circular Economy

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1 billion euros in funding

We want to finance at least
3 billion euros worth of sustainable  
assets by 2020, 1 billion of
which in circular business assets.
100 circular loans

In addition, we're looking to   
finance a minimum of 100   
circular initiatives by 2020.
Carbon emissions reductions of 1 million tonnes

Together, these circularity drives  
should help us contribute
to a carbon emissions reduction
of 1 million tonnes.

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Future-proofing your company

Looking to make your company sustainable and future-proof? We run business innovation workshops to team up with entrepreneurs to explore ways to integrate circularity in daily operational processes.

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Walking the talk: Circl

On 5 September 2017, Circl,  ABN AMRO’s multi-purpose pavilion, opened its doors. Built on a circular vision, it puts high-grade re-use of materials centre stage, aims for energy-neutral use and produces hardly any waste.

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Offices turning circular

Our own office buildings are quite sustainable as it is, but a lot is about to change going forward. Of course, personal contact, our expertise and digital convenience will always take centre stage, but we will also refurbish and furnish our offices and branches as sustainably and circularly as we can. We do this by using materials that have been given a second life.

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