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The circular economy – a much-discussed topic in ABN AMRO’s boardrooms. We want to speed up the transition to a more sustainable society, and are doing our bit by futureproofing our own branch offices. And we have just started building a completely circular pavilion: sustainable from foundation to rooftop and from design to operation. ABN AMRO is exploring the possibilities.

Circular economy in a nutshell

A brief recap: in a circular economy, we take better care to conserve our shrinking supply of raw materials for products by recycling as much as possible. As opposed to our current linear model – in which we make things, use them and throw them away – we design new products so that they are easier to recycle. With sustainable production methods, moreover, we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To sum it up: circular production leads to a better environment, a healthier society and a sustainable economy.

The bank taking the lead

Circular construction is clearly up and coming all over the world. The Netherlands is a front runner, with ABN AMRO as its ambassador. A role we are confirming with the construction of the Pavilion. Circular construction is still fairly unchartered territory, which we cannot explore on our own. Partnerships are essential, and this is why we are working closely with architects, advisors, Delft University of Technology and suppliers on a new generation of sustainable solutions. The Pavilion in front of our headquarters at Gustav Mahlerplein is to be an icon of our sustainable efforts.

Support for sustainability

In addition to building this meeting point entirely in line with circular principles, we also intend the Pavilion to be the favourite haunt of sustainable movers and shakers. Where people from a range of personal and educational backgrounds will gravitate to discuss the makings of a more sustainable economy. We see this circular, green, healthy and innovative hub as a perfect test case, in which we can experiment with circular production chains and new forms of sustainable finance.

The circular economy belongs to all of us

The Pavilion’s design, by Architekten Cie., is the Netherlands’ first circular building design. The park-like surroundings and the open-plan layout, featuring lots of glass, give the building an inviting appearance. The roof garden will offer plenty of space to butterflies, birds and bees. With this extraordinary project, we want to challenge society and the market to work with us on our mission of making the world increasingly circular. All are welcome to visit and take inspiration from what they see. Whether you are a client, a neighbour, a passer-by or an innovator. The builders are working hard so the Pavilion can open its doors in 2017.

Planning and milestones

November 2015 Design ABN AMRO Circular Pavilion
January 2016 Design construction and start construction
February 2016 Design outer wall and installations
April 2016 Design interior
September 2016 Start laying out garden
2017 Opening ABN AMRO Circular Pavilion

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