Digital Impact Fund

In October 2015, we launched the ABN AMRO Digital Impact fund, a 10 million euro corporate venture fund investing in innovative start- and scale ups specialising in the digitisation of financial products and services. In March 2018, the fund was raised to a EUR 50 million due to a successful investment pace. A growing number of start- and scale ups are developing financial products and business models that enhance user friendliness and can provide our retail, corporate and private clients with more financial insight. ABN AMRO is actively approaching promising FinTech companies that qualify for the Digital Impact Fund.

ABN AMRO is investing in companies that have already launched a product and have entered the growth phase, preferably European FinTechs that can further develop and improve the digital experience for our clients.

Which companies qualify for the fund?

We invest in start- and scale ups by providing growth- and smart capital. We are making our network, our knowledge and our systems actively available to these companies. And, in turn, by using the startups' knowledge, technology and innovative power we can jointly provide our clients with better digital financial products and services.

An important investment criterion is that the company is involved in developing products and technologies that provide added value not only to our business and private clients but also to the bank's operations. The fund has made 50 million euros available for this purpose. Each investment will range between 1 and 5 million euros.

What do we offer startups?

  • Direct investing in the form of growth capital
  • The possibility to use ABN AMRO as a launching customer
  • Access to our knowledge and networks

Smart innovations for our clients

Thanks to ABN AMRO’s partnerships with FinTech startups, our business and private clients can benefit from smart innovations in our service offering.

More information

If you’d like to know more about the Digital Impact Fund, please get in touch with us at

ABN AMRO Digital Impact Fund assets increase fivefold

ABN AMRO's Digital Impact Fund (DIF) has seen a fivefold increase in its assets, from EUR 10 million to EUR 50 million. With this expansion, ABN AMRO's corporate venture capital fund can start looking at larger strategic investments in leading national and international fintechs.
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ABN AMRO Digital Impact Fund invests in German fintech solarisBank

ABN AMRO’s Digital Impact Fund (DIF) has agreed to acquire a stake in German fintech solarisBank. The investment will build on the existing relationship between ABN AMRO and solarisBank, which first began in December 2017, when ABN AMRO’s subsidiary Moneyou entered into a partnership with the Berlin-based fintech. 
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ABN AMRO Digital Impact Fund invests in cybersecurity firm BehavioSec

ABN AMRO’s Digital Impact Fund (DIF) has purchased an interest in US cybersecurity firm BehavioSec.  
Besides access to the latest cybersecurity technology, this strategic investment also gives ABN AMRO direct access to the ecosystems of leading venture capital providers and digital security players and current trends in these fields.
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ABN AMRO DIGITAL IMPACT FUND invests in energy sector's blockchain platform

ABN AMRO's Digital Impact Fund has invested in the blockchain platform for the energy sector. Last week, nine major players in the energy supply trading chain announced that they have joined forces to build a shared blockchain platform. With completion projected for late 2018, the platform will help to accelerate and improve administrative procedures for energy trading processes. Development of the blockchain platform will be handled by an independent company that is financed through participations by all the parties involved.
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ABN AMRO increases its stake in Tink

ABN AMRO’s Digital Impact Fund has increased its stake in Tink. Following its first investment in this Swedish FinTech in May 2016, the Fund is now taking part in Tink’s second investment round. Tink and ABN AMRO worked together to develop Grip, an app that gives the bank’s clients insight into their financial situation. Since the introduction of Grip in December 2015, more than 300,000 clients have registered for this service. Grip gives them information on and control over their personal financial position. Clients who have used Grip are enthusiastic about the app, which is now also available in English.

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Investing in FinTech Cloud Lending Solutions

ABN AMRO has invested in company Cloud Lending Solutions Inc. (CLS). The American innovative FinTech offers its clients a cloud-based lending platform enabling ABN AMRO to develop and go to market faster, with more user-friendly digital credit solutions for their retail and corporate clients. Not only does CLS’s cloud-based technology speed up the credit process, but it also makes it more relevant and efficient for clients and the bank.

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ABN AMRO Digital Impact Fund makes first investment

ABN AMRO is investing EUR 1.5 million in the Swedish fintech Tink. Both parties are intensifying their existing collaboration, which last year led to the pilot with the personal finance management app Grip, held among 10,000 ABN AMRO clients. We regard the partnership with Tink as a success and want to strategically intensify this relationship by taking a shareholding in the fintech.

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