Our profile and our strategy

We are a relationship-driven, knowledgeable and digitally savvy bank. We are active in Northwest Europe and offer selective sector expertise globally. 

Our long-term strategy stands firm: We are client oriented; We invest in the future; We maintain a moderate risk profile; We pursue sustainable growth.

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Organisation and activities

ABN AMRO serves Retail, Private and Corporate Banking clients with a focus on the Netherlands and selective operations internationally. Clients are offered a comprehensive and full range of products and services through omni-channel distribution, including advanced mobile applications and internet banking. 

ABN AMRO offers in-depth financial expertise and extensive knowledge of numerous industry sectors. Internationally, the Group’s operations are based on specific expertise and established market positions.

The ABN AMRO brand

ABN AMRO has a long tradition of offering ambitious people and organisations the highest level of knowledge and expertise and the best products and services. 

What drives us
We are committed to giving people and organisations the space they need to realise their dreams and ambitions. We do this because we believe the world is a better place when people are in charge of their own lives, their own development and their own growth. 

Our perspective
Our sights are always set on the future. We are optimistic and give our clients professional and valuable answers to the social and technological developments that affect them every day. 

What we offer
We are a financial institution: we understand our clients’ finances and are committed to offering them the best products and services, giving them a feeling of autonomy and well-being.

Our roots

Our clients pursue goals to achieve ambitions and fulfil dreams, large and small. To do this, they need the freedom to act. At ABN AMRO, we have understood and appreciated this for centuries. We started out as trade financiers and believe in entrepreneurship and people’s autonomy, whether that is in the world of the clients we serve, the society we are part of, or for the people with whom we work. It is our promise to do everything we can to create this freedom, every day. Trusted, professional and ambitious. 

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