Our Company

ABN AMRO serves retail, private and commercial banking clients in the Netherlands and across the globe with a comprehensive range of products and services. We also offer national and international advisory services, based on our in-depth financial expertise, extensive knowledge of numerous sectors and an international network.


ABN AMRO is a leading retail and commercial bank. Although our home base is in the Netherlands, we follow our clients abroad. Internationally, we are active in areas in which we have substantial expertise, such as Private Banking, Energy, Commodities & Transportation (ECT) and Clearing.


ABN AMRO’s history reaches back 300 years. We combine our rich heritage with today’s clients’ needs to exceed our clients’ expectations. We achieve this by retaining their trust, and by standing out from the crowd through our professionalism and client-centred approach. Everything we do is aimed at supporting our clients and helping them to achieve more. We believe this ambition is the essence of professional banking.


When it comes to sustainability, ABN AMRO aims to be a leading bank in this area within a few years. With this in mind, we embed sustainability in the bank’s strategy, operations and products.


ABN AMRO takes its responsibilities to its stakeholders seriously. We strive to achieve excellent financial results, but we never allow our clients to take irresponsible risks. We have learned from our experiences and are working openly to further improve our organisation and to contribute to reforms in the banking industry.

The Dutch state acquired ownership of the Dutch activities of ABN AMRO Holding N.V. and Fortis Bank Nederland in 2008. ABN AMRO and Fortis Bank Nederland merged in 2010 to form the current ABN AMRO.

ABN AMRO’s shield and colours

Symbolism is the most primitive and penetrating form of language. Many symbols guarantee recognition at a single glance. Our shield captures the essence of what people want from their bank: trust, security and ambitious optimism for their future, driven by strong unchanging values.

What does our shield stand for?

Our shield stands for reliability, tradition, security and protection. This is of vital importance for all our clients, as they must be absolutely sure that their money and business are in trusted hands. Our shield symbolises dynamism and power, communicating our scale and potential for growth. The shield also evokes an image of experience and professionalism. It's also an international symbol, powerful in its simplicity. The straight lines of the design provide us with a modern look, while still retaining traditional values.

Why green and yellow?

Colour is also vital to communicating the message of the ABN AMRO shield. Green and yellow have strong subconscious associations. Green symbolises unchanging values and stability. Yellow symbolises optimism for the future. Used together, these colours convey aspiration. An ambition that inspires recognition.