Working at ABN AMRO

  • Christel Westerveen

    Iím at the Ďnerve centreí, so I learn a lot about the bank and about regulatory authorities. Complex, but fascinating.

    Christel Westerveen
    Risk Policy Advisor

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  • Joost Korse

    The traineeship takes you to many places in the organisation. Everywhere you go, you learn a lot.

    Joost Korse
    Trainee Risk Management

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  • Mirjam Terlouw

    ABN AMRO is truly a diverse company. It employs a wide variety of people, most of whom are very easy to approach.

    Mirjam Terlouw
    Portfolio Manager

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  • Hakan Ozcetin

    People here really listen to trainees. They appreciate a fresh, young and creative take on things.

    Hakan Ozcetin
    Recruitment Marketing trainee

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  • Sven Romkes

    It's great that more and more professionals with disabilities are given the chance to blossom here.

    Sven Romkes
    Project Officer Diversity & Inclusion

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A rapidly changing world brings lots of challenges. We don't try to avoid those challenges; on the contrary, we actively seek them out. Here, you can take responsibility and work with your colleagues to choose the best solution, for our customers and for society.

Thatís working at ABN AMRO.

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Noushin Baghbani Arzanagh

Professionals at ABN AMRO work on projects of real importance. You assume responsibility straight away and make decisions in the interests of the customer and the bankís future. Be part of the change in an environment thatís dynamic, challenging and full of opportunities.

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