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ABN AMRO is developing a wide range of digital innovations, which include a mobile banking app, Apple watch technology, making payments using a smartphone and opening a new bank account with a selfie. Our teams develop new products to improve customer experience, while other teams ensure these services are secure and accessible. In short, we continuously rely on co-creation to generate winning innovations together. And you play a crucial role in our efforts! We want to offer you the scope and opportunity to develop further as we believe people are our most important asset when it comes to innovation.

Smart not smart enough for you?

Our Customer Experience standards

We enable millions of seamless transactions on a daily basis and ensure our clients have constant access to internet banking. Also, we’ve been given the highest customer satisfaction rating for our app. All in all, we seem to be doing pretty well in terms of customer experience. But that doesn’t mean that we’re resting on our laurels. On the contrary, we continue to listen closely to what our clients have to say. That’s why we’ve decided to implement the Agile way of working and why we ask our clients to provide as much feedback as possible.

We build a rapport with our clients so that we are in tune with their expectations and requirements, for instance when it comes to new products and even higher levels of speed and convenience. We will need to make every effort to ensure our high standards are continuously upheld in the coming years. What’s important to remember is that we guarantee that our innovations actually work and that we advise the business on how these products can be improved upon. This is how we facilitate digitalisation, both at the bank and in society in general. We ensure everything runs like clockwork even when we are undergoing significant changes. Our motto is: secure, reliable and available 24/7.

Go-getter mentality

ABN AMRO is very ambitious and seeking to hire people who share our passion and want to help us achieve our objectives.

ABN AMRO is very ambitious and seeking to hire people who share our passion and want to help us achieve our objectives. 
We give you the freedom to harness your full potential – in other words, you will not have a manager hovering over you, telling you what to do. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and use this to focus on innovation and sustainability so that we are able to perform at the very highest level. Cannot get enough of smart? Find out more about our career opportunities on our vacancies page.

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Agile werken bij ABN AMRO

The Agile way of working ensures ideas are implemented more quickly. It speeds up our time-to-market, involves clients in product development and gives employees more independence, responsibility and job satisfaction. Our entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and solutions-driven mindset is what we are proud of.