IT Solutions Designer - Sydney

  • Posting Date: 08-08-2019
  • Vacancy number: 22562


ABN AMRO Clearing (AAC) is a leading global player in clearing and clearing related services and strives to optimize profitability, return on invested capital and shareholders value. AAC is ambitious and customer oriented, striving to provide the best integrated service package for the professional business. AAC is a reliable partner, with efficient operations, compliant to all regulations and with a sound risk framework.

AAC’s mission is “to make clients globally competitive”



ABN AMRO Clearing is designated as a specialised business within ABN AMRO and holds its own banking license (ABN AMRO Clearing Bank NV). Globally the company consists of about 800 FTE and is largely self-sufficient, organizing its own supporting organization.


ABN AMRO Clearing plays an important infrastructural role in the financial markets. As such it is closely monitored by Regulators and Central Banks. This is augmented by the fact that ABN AMRO Clearing holds significant market shares in financial markets across the globe holding top spots in clearing on numerous exchanges in every region.


ABN AMRO Clearing Information Technology has a global focus with many programs on both a national and global level. The organisation is self-supporting, running its own projects, applications and hosting them from its own data centres across the globe. Architecture and portfolio management are global issues. IT development, maintenance, support and IT operations are provided by three regional organisations: IT Europe, IT USA and IT APAC.


Considering Information Technology as a main part of clearing services, the IT systems and processes have to meet ABN AMRO Clearing strategy demands and internal and external regulations.




Staff - Number of staff members indirect & direct hierarchical responsibility   : 0

Budgets - Controlled budgets & Comments                                                  : 0

Results - Quantifiable impact on the results

Of the Business: Impact is measured through delivery and efficiencies of solutions provided by the team.

Of Clearing: Impact is measured through the performance of the IT team and input to AAC performance


(Ensure the) Design, develop, test and implement software applications and/or IT projects / systems, are in line with corporate IT guidelines, to support company business requirements and processes.




Responsible for examining the business requirements and then work to define and translate into the best IT solution architecture that would address new requests and recommendations if required to refresh the existing IT infrastructure and application landscape.


Responsible for documenting each solution and working closely with the Business, Business Analysts, Project Managers and all IT Teams involved in implementing or supporting the solution in the future.


Responsible for identifying and solving any technical risks and implementing controls. Reviewing each solution to ensure it conforms to all ABN AMRO global policies and security standards.




Analysis and Design

Key activity

  • Ensure the analysis of business requirements, process and current architectures and design (internal) customer solutions, applications or new IT services and optimise existing infrastructure and services.


  • IT solutions meet (internal) customer needs, fit into the wider infrastructures and the technical feasibility of the functional and technical design is guaranteed.



Key activity

  • Advise on and control the implementation and/or embedding of new, enhancements and/or modifications of applications, systems and/or solutions, as well as plan major changes in close consultation with other IT competencies.


  • Optimal implementation and collaboration with and between other IT competencies and external service providers ensure operational and available IT within the assigned unit.


Applications and Systems

Key activity

  • Control and maintain assigned applications and systems.


  • Ensure availability of specified functionalities and performance levels.


Monitoring and Maintenance

Key activity

  • Monitor, guard, test and analyse the use and security of applications regarding the functional and performance aspects and in line with the agreed performance indicators, and if necessary take measures.


  • Available and optimally performing applications for the business.



Key activity

  • Signal and judge appropriateness of new IT developments, infrastructure, applications, solutions and processes and advice the business on potential improvement opportunities and the (dis)advantages of implementation through deep understanding of business needs.


  • Business management and other stakeholders are optimally informed on relevant IT matters and supported in decision making.


knowledge Management

Key activity

  • Keep up with internal and external IT developments and ensure development, transfer and retention of IT knowledge and best practices.


  • Functional excellence in knowledge and insight into internal and external developments for the assigned department / unit is ensured and relevant internal stakeholders/colleagues are optimally informed and engaged.


Key activity

  • Inspired by knowledge and expertise domain, define, plan, manage and participate in assigned (portfolio of) projects from the own functional domain, in accordance with the business project owner.


  • Efficient and effective realisation of project deliverables.



Required Knowledge and Experience


Required level and content of education


  • University degree or equivalent qualifications
  • 6+ years working experience Financial or Regulatory environment (preferably gained within a Clearing environment)

Required employment experience

  • 6+ years’ experience working within IT
  • Working knowledge to TOGAF, COBIT, ITIL and similar frameworks
  • Fluent in architectural modelling in Archimate
  • Proven experience of developing solutions across IT domains
  • Ability to work both at a conceptual level as well as an actual solution level
  • Ability to align business and IT strategies to deliver maximum organisational benefits
  • Working knowledge of IT Infrastructure architecture methods and tools
  • Good understanding of software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Excellent leadership, communication and documentation skills, particularly when facilitating and conveying information between business and technical staff
  • Deadline oriented individual and ability to focus on the detail and product quality
  • Demonstrates a strong personal commitment to customer needs and corporate objectives



  • Creates commitment with managers and related staff to support performance analyses and provide information about the performance of the IT departments.
  • Advises managers and staff about solutions, processes and services that improves service delivery and the performance of IT.



Role & subject


IT Manager/CIO


Day to day, Priorities and Planning

Priorities in line with workload

IT Department

Daily/as required

Maintenance, support and performance of systems

Stable and strong operating platform

Other Departments


Prepare priorities on change requests, problems and incidents

Issues and incidents resolved to the satisfaction of internal clients



Role & subject




Support and resolve issues for clients

Delivery in line with service level agreements


Ad Hoc

Advice, requests and support

Timely use of resources provided






Co-operative Attitude


Team Work


Continuous improvement


Planning and Organisation




Written & Oral Communication




Oral Communication


explanation: 1 = average level of competence / skill required, 4 = high level of competence skill required