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A brief outline of the advantages of having a non-resident account in the Netherlands:

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We can offer you the following main products and facilities:

Frequently asked questions

How can I make payments from my account (s) with ABN AMRO?

We have a range of electronic banking connections: quick, safe and economical. Cheques and letters of exchanges are expensive and are rarely used in the Netherlands. Most payments are done electronically or via transfer forms.

How can I open a corporate non-resident account?

Please contact us by phone or send us an e-mail.

What are the costs of a corporate non-resident account?

This depends on the type of account most suited to your company's needs.

What is the SWIFT code of ABN AMRO in Amsterdam?

Our SWIFT code is: ABNANL2A

What is the minimum deposit to open an account?

We advise you to keep a minimum balance on the account of approximately EUR 2,500.

What is the interest rate on a corporate current account?

We have a wide range of products that yield competitive interest rates.


There are a number of conditions which have to be met before your company can open a corporate non-resident account in the Netherlands.
First step in the application procedure is to contact us for a Corporates Non-Resident Account Information Form.

Private accounts

We also offer non-resident accounts for private individuals.

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